Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Tips

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Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Tips

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:20 pm

First Tip: DODGING

First of all, the dodging.
If you don't wanna get killed the best thing to do is to dodge your opponents shots.
Dodging is very used by ET players.
It’s based on running left and right really fast in order to give some difficulties for your opponent to hit you.
Dodging also might require some training because not only you must dodge your opponent’s shots but u must hit him to.
So you might have to train some aim.
Dodging is much more useful if you have adrenaline needles.
To have adrenaline needles you will need to raise your medic level.
a fast way for that is to leave health packs at the exit of your spawn, your team mates will always pick up one health pack because when they spawn they never have full health.

Second Tip: PRONE

Prone is also a pretty used method.
When we are proning it gets pretty hard for your opponent to target and gives us time to shoot.
But you need to notes the needed conditions to prone.
You can't be in a lower place than your opponent because it will be much easier for him to shoot you from up.
also you must notes if your at least 3 or 4 meters far from your opponent.
If your opponent is proning the best way to escape is trying to get closer (while dodging) the best way is approaching your opponent and get behind him, that will give you time to shoot him from behind.


The best way to kill your opponent really fast before he can do much damage is doing head shots.
Shooting at your opponents head can kill him really fast before he can take too much hp.
You can kill your opponent by hitting only 3 head shots!
But the head isn't a very easy target, especially while dodging! So it might require a lot of training in order to dodge your opponents shots and hit him in the head at the same time. but once you've mastered it you will own! ^^

Fourth Tip: JUMPING

Jumping is very useful.
when your in trouble and your hp is running low jumping can really come in handy.
When your in trouble you should try jumping over your opponent, try shooting his head when in mid air and kill him from behind.
your opponent should have some difficulties hitting you during this process.
If your opponent uses this tactic the best way to avoid it is either to jump away from him or to run left or right and shoot him while he is jumping.


When fighting an opponent you must always mind your surroundings.
if your dodging your opponents shots you might get stuck in an object or a wall so you must be careful in order to nothing like that happen.
Also if your really in trouble of dieing because of your low hp you should try hiding in the closest object to heal yourself and then come out when your opponent less expects.

Sixth Tip: RUNNING

Running is always used has a last resort.
When really in trouble or out numbered or maybe when your carrying an objective, some people try running away from the opponent/'s while healing himself.
I personally don't like to do this. I always like fighting every opponent =P.

And that is the end of my fighting guide!
I hope it helped! ^^


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